You visit us at the Bespoke store to be measured and to discuss the style of suit you would like. in addition to choosing your fabric, buttons and lining, you can also specify the lapel widths.

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On your first visit we help you select your cloth and determine the style and detail of the piece we are making for you. You are then measured, so we can create your paper pattern. If you’re not sure what you want, we will help you decide. We make suits, jackets, overcoats, evening wear... Whatever you would like. The best results are achieved when both sides collaborate. You won’t be difficult. We don’t have difficult customers.

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Usually referred to as a baste fitting, this is the moment we see the garment on you for the first time and make any necessary adjustments. The garment is then stripped down, re-marked and re-sewn ready for your next fitting.

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This is when we check that any adjustments made as a result of your first fitting are correct. Any further adjustments required are also noted and made before the garment is again stripped down, re-marked, re-sewn and finished ahead of collection.

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